Chris Plucker is choice for Walla Walla Council

Incumbent Fred Mitchell is doing a fine job, but Plucker has the potential to be outstanding.


Whether voters re-elect Fred Mitchell to the Walla Walla City Council or opt to elect his challenger, Chris Plucker, they simply can't go wrong. They are both excellent candidates.

Mitchell, who has served 20 years on the Council, cares deeply about Walla Walla and its people. He is well versed on the issues and generally is pragmatic in his approach.

Plucker is new to city politics, but has worked hard to prepare himself to serve.

He sought and won an appointment to the city's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, served as coordinator of the annual Fourth of July in the Park event, combed through City Council minutes and has spent hours talking to people to understand city government and the challenges of the community. Plucker has done his homework.

If elected, Plucker makes it clear he will be a public servant and a leader on the Council. He has passion as well as concrete plans. Plucker, a teacher at Pioneer Middle School, said that if elected he will carve out at least one hour a day to reach out to the public. This could involve holding meetings, attending meetings or simply engaging people one on one.

Based on the effort Plucker has made to ready himself for this run, we expect him to put his plans into practice.

Mitchell, a retired firefighter, has done a solid job in his years on the Council. He takes the job very seriously and is thoughtful in his approach. He always puts the best interests of the citizens first.

Mitchell and Plucker agree on the major issues facing the city from street repairs to budgeting. They are also in sync when it comes to the flap over the Inland Octopus sign/mural. Both believe the city had no choice but to enforce the ordinance that prohibits gigantic signs over Main Street storefronts.

What separates Plucker from Mitchell in this close race is Plucker's enthusiasm, his preparation and potential. We believe Plucker will be an outstanding Council member in a short time.

We have no concerns about Mitchell or his service on the Council. He has been doing a fine job and would continue to do so if re-elected.

In the end, we recommend Chris Plucker because we see him as a better choice among two solid candidates.

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