LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Trip to Phoenix seems, well, fishy


I'm going to miss Andy Rooney from the "60 Minutes" program. He's always had a way of speaking truth to power so easily.

So ... in the spirit of Andy, let me ask: Did you ever notice that sometimes if it smells like a fish and it looks like a fish, maybe it's just a fish?

Now, with that smell of fish in mind. How could our Walla Walla Port director and two sitting Port commissioners fly to Phoenix for a long weekend getaway, all stay at the director's condo, then roughly a month later, those same commissioners give that same director a nearly $5,000 raise?

How could they not think their actions might be viewed ... well, fishy?

Maybe it is time to air out the Port of Walla Walla.

Steven Leroy Rusch
Walla Walla


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