Max Carrera is solid choice for Walla Walla School Board

Carrera has the depth and breadth of knowledge that now make him an excellent School Board member.


In the only contested Walla Walla School Board race on the Nov. 8 ballot, we recommend voters return Max Carrera to the Board.

Carrera and his challenger, Veronica Sandau, agree on the issues -- everything from the need to maintain high standards for students to the importance of upgrading Walla Walla High School and Lincoln Alternative High School.

But Carrera, with four years of experience, has the depth and breadth of knowledge that now makes him an excellent School Board member. In addition, Carrera has demonstrated a willingness to ask the hard questions that need to be asked.

When Carrera looks at the local results of the most recent statewide test, he is pleased with the improvements in some areas and some schools. However, he is quick to note the scores aren't as high as he believes they could -- and should -- be. He believes it is his job to continue to push for improvement.

And he sees a clear need for a major overhaul of the buildings at Wa-Hi, but he wants to make certain any proposal sent to the voters is what the community really supports and it is willing to fund.

Carrera is pragmatic and forceful in his approach, yet also amenable. The combination makes him a very strong School Board member.

Sandau entered this race because she cares deeply about supporting education. She wants to do what she can to ensure schools are a safe environment for all students.

Sandau believes it is important for parents and others in the community to be involved in schools so she decided to run for School Board.

Sandau has educated herself on some of the major issues facing Walla Walla schools, but she still has much to learn. We have no doubt that, in time, she would be up to speed.

Carrera is already there. He has a solid grasp of the inner workings of the school district.

If Sandau does not win this election, we would hope she would get even more involved in schools and run for a School Board seat in two years.

We believe Carrera should be elected to a second term on the School Board.

His experience and approach to the job will benefit the public as important decisions must be made on school building projects and efforts to continue improving classroom learning.


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