LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - A change is needed at Port of Walla Walla


I have worked closely with two executive directors and the staff of the Port of Walla Walla for over more than 20 years, providing construction expertise for several of its major construction projects and more than 50 of its small works construction projects.

Our relationship has always been cordial and professional.

I am appalled by the current executive director's recent unprofessional behavior. It is the talk of the town and has caused havoc with the Port's staff.

The Port commissioners, including Michael Fredrickson, are well aware of this situation and have done nothing to correct this unhealthy situation.

Now is the time for the Port to have a new commissioner to re-establish an effective, cohesive Port team.

Barlow Corkrum is the person who will make this happen.

Please join me and vote for Barlow for Port of Walla Walla commissioner.

Dean Lodmell

Walla Walla


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