LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Drivers on cellphones put others at risk


It should not be a surprise to anyone that using your cellphone while driving is dangerous unless you have been living under a rock. It is in fact illegal to do so in Washington.

I am reminding people because so many of my fellow Walla Wallans ignore this law. Every single day I drive in this town I see more than one person breaking the cellphone law.

There are many studies to show this is as dangerous as driving while drunk. If I was seen driving down Main Street drinking a beer while driving there would be outrage. Driving fatality rates increase while driving with a cellphone attached to your ear just like driving while drunk. Why can't we have the same penalties?

Distracted driving is worse than drunken driving because your judgment is not impaired. You are choosing to put all of our loved ones at risk, including your own, because of your self-inflated estimation of your own importance.

It is arrogant and selfish to drive without paying attention to the road. You should lose the privilege to drive under the same terms as if you were driving drunk. I have witnessed people driving on the wrong side of the road, driving directly at me while clearly texting.

We could pay for another officer or two in Walla Walla. Put someone in street clothes walking down one of our busier streets and have him watch, then radio the offenders in to a nearby officer in a patrol car. We could give out multiple tickets an hour. We would all be safer and increase revenue for the town. It is pretty easy to prove, all cellphone calls are recorded.

You are not so busy you do not have the time to pull over.

Pull over or let that call go to voicemail. If you can't, consider the fact you might be an addict.

This is another fact, people can get addicted to electronic communication. I am not against electronics. I have all the wonderful gadgets a person could want, I even have a smart phone. They are useful tools.

I just find it disgusting that others are willing to put my family at increased risk and blatantly break the law. They should face a severe penalty for this, because clearly the enforcement and penalties currently in effect are not nearly enough of a deterrent.

George Gunshefski

Walla Walla


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