LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fredrickson has a proven record


I found Don Fleming's letter to the editor dated Oct. 9 right on target. A candidate's record of community service is important and matters when you're running for office.

Mike Fredrickson's community service record has been impressive. His ongoing work on the Washington State Penitentiary Task Force is critical in preserving as many correctional and support staff jobs as possible. He was the only elected official to attend and speak at a town hall meeting regarding the Department of Corrections plans to eliminate jobs at the penitentiary. He specifically challenged the leadership of the Department of Corrections regarding its plans to eliminate jobs in Walla Walla and its disproportional impacts on the Walla Walla Valley as compared to other correctional communities in the state.

Mike is currently serving on the governor's blue ribbon transportation panel. He is one of five members on that panel from Eastern Washington. He has also served several terms on the Walla Walla County Planning Commission.

Community service requires time commitments and making sacrifices. It isn't uncommon to see Mike's office light on late at night. He understands the importance of being involved in community service activities and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices. He has Walla Walla County's best interest at heart.

Mike proudly attended and graduated from WSU. In order to give back to his alma mater, he's been an active Cougar Club member. He's currently serving as the president.

For six years Mike has been on the board of directors of the Sustainable Living Center. The Sustainable Living Center's mission is (from its website) - "We serve as an information center to enable the efficient use of resources today to ensure sufficient resources tomorrow. We do this through education, outreach, and partnerships."

Mike Fredrickson has been an effective Port commissioner and has a proven record of community service and involvement. We should recognize Mike Fredrickson for his commitment to our county by re-electing him to the Port Commission.

T.A. Lovejoy

Walla Walla


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