LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - New perspective needed on City Council


As a longtime resident of Walla Walla I am very disappointed the U-B chose to endorse Jerry Cummins for Walla Walla City Council.

I have nothing personally against him and I am sure he is a fine, upstanding citizen, but it's time someone who has lived a life outside the confines of the city step in and try to get us back to where we should be, someone with a fresh perspective, someone who came here albeit only a few years ago, who is not part of the good-old-boys network, who can see room for improvement and decide not what's best for the image of the Council, but rather what's best for the city.

Often when I find myself out of town, I wind up on conversations with my family about how things are done in whatever city I am in at that moment in comparison to Walla Walla. These can be simple things like in Yakima the traffic lights are sideways to bigger issues such as in Ellensburg there seems to be no graffiti or outward appearances of gang activity. It is often the outsiders' perspective that facilitates change the most.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result," yet we continue to vote into office the same people time after time and are disappointed when the result remains the same.

My family is proud to endorse Dick Swenson for City Council, Position 4, and I am eager to not only hear his ideas for change but to know he is the one who will be listening to the people of our city and will do what's right.

Dick has no intention of making the Council his career, but rather views this opportunity as a chance to serve the city that welcomed he and his wife four years ago. Please join me in my support of Dick and exercise your right to vote in November.

Michele Slack

Walla Walla


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