LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Please help with local food drive


With the Realtors food drive coming up very soon, I feel it is incumbent on us all to try to make this drive as successful as possible.

With winter coming on the pressure on our local food pantries becomes, to a great extent, overwhelming. As president of St. Vincent de Paul of Walla Walla I can attest to the leanness of food stuffs in our pantries and at Blue Mountain Action Council food warehouse. It's bad!

We at St. Vincent use the money generated by our retail store to keep us going by buying food locally, but that is a finite amount every month, therefore we depend on those in our community to help us and other pantries to keep up with the demand we are experiencing.

At St. Vincent de Paul we were the benefactors of a wonderful gift of food collected by the kids and staff of Assumption School. They have done this in the past without prompting, but on their own. All the schools in our area are like that. The kids are great!

With the government cutting back on what it buys and how much it buys, all communities are going to have to care for their own who are needy. The "other guy" isn't going to help as much any more.

The infinite wisdom of the governments is simply amazing. What is amazing though is our kids, the schools and organizations such as the Realtors' group. Please help its food drive coming up. You will be helping families throughout our area. Walla Walla always comes through.

Skip Lane

Walla Walla


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