LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Change in Port leadership needed


For more than 25 years I have known Barlow Corkrum as a kind neighbor, trusted friend and passionate supporter of Walla Walla.

My late husband, Harmon Johnson, and Barlow spent countless hours discussing local politics when Harmon took our dog, Chucky, for his evening walks. Harmon and Barlow became like father and son, both with a mutual respect for each other and a common desire to make their community a better place.

As a retired county commissioner and former county treasurer, Harmon understood local issues and the importance of trust in our public servants. He saw in Barlow a kindred soul.

There is no question that if Harmon were here today, he would be going door to door to support Barlow for the Port Commission. Harmon knew years ago that a change in leadership was needed at the Port.

Please join me as I cast my ballot for Barlow Corkrum for the Walla Walla Port Commission.

Jean Johnson
Walla Walla


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