LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Clark is standout elected official


I am writing this letter to urge Walla Walla residents to re-elect Barbara Clark to the Walla Walla City Council.

In my former capacity as Walla Walla County emergency management director, I had the opportunity to witness directly the commitment Barbara holds for assuring the City Council provides honest, open communications to all citizens, and her passion for making decisions that are well thought out, fair to the citizens and based on fact.

Barbara deserves much credit for assertively, yet diplomatically, collaborating with fellow decision makers to reassess outdated thinking and mindsets that don't currently represent the needs of Walla Walla residents. I found Barbara to be an elected official who doesn't hesitate to confront the business-as-usual environment, and a person who will firmly stand up for what she believes best represents her constituents and our city.

Most importantly, she has the flexibility and intelligence to change position when she needs to, based on citizen input and supportable facts.

When it comes to communication with and caring for the well-being of city and county citizens, Barbara deserves much credit.

I know firsthand that Barbara is a standout among all the city and county elected officials I worked with in mitigating hazards, preparing for disasters and responding to and recovering from emergencies. She made citizen preparedness and emergency information the number one priority in all of our program and project development.

She unfailingly fostered in our emergency work the importance of communicating consistently and frequently with the public, and she was instrumental in making changes to emergency plans to assure we citizens have timely and essential safety and survival information during major emergencies.

Barbara Clark is competent, she's committed, she has effectively demonstrated her abilities and she's remarkably honest and kind. These are, after all, the traits and characteristics we all might aspire to, and the ones we surely want to see in our elected officials. Re-elect Barbara Clark to the City Council.

Gayla M. Ernst
Walla Walla


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