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Perseverance is what secured a book deal with Oklahoma-based Tate Publishing for Walla Wallan Debra Williams.

For about two years, she shopped her children's story to 16 publishers. It wasn't until she connected with the Tate company in November 2010 that she saw results.

About a quarter-century ago Deb made up a story about three sisters from the town of Sock to entertain daughters Sarah, Kelly and Bonnie, while en route to Spokane on a road trip.

In "Meet the Clock Family," Moc and Doc's daughters, Tick, Tack and Tock want to buy presents for Mother's Day, but are challenged by a magic doorway through which they have to pass to get home and deliver their gifts to their mom.

Deb and husband Bob Williams moved to Walla Walla in late 1983. Their girls attended Berney Elementary, Pioneer Middle School and Walla Walla High School. Bob's mother, Dolores Williams, also resides here.

Deb's 28-page paperback book, with charming illustrations by Justin Stier, became available in early October and sells for $9.99. It's aimed at children from 4 to 8 years old.

She will be at Edison School Oct. 24-26 for book readings from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a book signing on Nov. 19 at Hot Mama's Espresso, 1447 W. Pine St. More stories may be in the offing as Deb has 15 books in the series written and another one started.

Deb and Bob also have five grandchildren. For more details about her book, see


Walla Walla Catholic Schools students focus on a variety of community service projects during the academic year.

In September Assumption students held a week-long food drive for St. Vincent de Paul. "We have been doing this food drive forever," said Nancy Metro in a release.

They devoted each day to one type of food product.

Grade school students brought donations to the classroom and middle schoolers collected the bins from classrooms and organized donated goods for St. Vincent.

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