LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Wa-Hi Key Club collected food


I sympathize with the Walla Walla Realtors on finding enough volunteers to help with the great community food drive project. I do, however, want to add a piece of information to the article.

Area students have already been working on this food drive at every home Walla Walla High School football game this season. For those of you who have been attending those games you are very aware of the huge truck that is parked close to the entry gate and the enthusiastic members of the Wa-Hi Key Club who are surrounding it.

Because the food drive fell on Homecoming Weekend, where youthful help becomes even less available, these students arranged to have the truck brought to every home game. Their goal is to collect enough food to match the combined weight of their Wa-Hi football players or roughly 11,000 pounds!

The Key Clubbers were there on Friday for the final home game. Each week as many as a dozen of these youths have come an hour early to help with this great project.

The total of the four weeks of collections was 2,557 pounds.

Last week some of the football players heard they weren't getting much at the games. So, of that 2,557 pounds, five football players brought food last Friday that equaled their weights. The total from the five was 1,174 pounds of food. I think that is absolutely amazing!

Shelley Mann is the faculty advisor from Wa-Hi for the Key Club.

The generosity of those who brought canned goods to Borleske Stadium on Friday nights is appreciated. By bringing food they showed support for the community food bank and the wonderful volunteer service being provided by these youths.

Nonda Gibbard
Walla Walla


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