LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Apologies to City Council candidate


The Chamber of Commerce hosted a debate on Tuesday night for the candidates running for Walla Walla City Council and the Port Commission.

All in all, I thought the debate went well and I wanted to express appreciation to all of the candidates for participating.

We adopted a new format for the debate which, among other things, included questions being posed to the candidates that had been previously submitted to me by their opponents.

During the debate, one of the questions that was attributed to City Council candidate Chris Plucker and that was directed to Council member Fred Mitchell, came out sounding mean-spirited by asking if Mr. Mitchell would be missed if not re-elected. However, this was not an accurate reflection of the question Mr. Plucker submitted to me; rather, I misread and misinterpreted Mr. Plucker's question for which I owe him (and Mr. Mitchell) a sincere apology.

The exact wording of the question Mr. Plucker submitted is as follows: "As an individual, what dynamic have you brought to the Council over the past 15 years that sets you apart as unique from the other incumbents that are running for re-election, and would be missed if not re-elected?"

My apologies to Mr. Plucker.

Damien J. Sinnott,
vice president of public policy
Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce


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