LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Toss out the incumbents


I don't usually get publicly involved with national or local political elections. This Walla Walla election deserves involvement.

Positions on our City Council and School Board are on the ballot. Judging the incumbents on their records, you would have a hard time returning any of them to office.

What has the City Council accomplished in the last decades that would give reason to re-elect any of them? Do our streets in disrepair make you happy or only rattle your teeth while driving on them? Do the ever-rising city utility bills set well with you? Do the new businesses locating in College Place instead of Walla Walla give you reason to believe our property taxes will not increase because of no additional tax base? Do new businesses get inspired to locate in Walla Walla when the City Council might take action to fine them over petty disagreements?

The answers to the proceeding questions are no.


Years ago we passed a huge continuing tax for streets. The proceeds from that tax have left the radar screen. Who knows where they are?

Check your city utility bills comparing them to those of years ago.

We've lost many new, huge taxpaying businesses to College Place and it seems we might have lost the possible location of Costco in College Place because of antagonistic action from our city officials.

Most everyone knows about the business on Main Street where city officials are going to court about a small code violation (a code written by a small committee that doesn't necessarily reflect the majority opinion of city residents). This violation when compared to other code violations on Main Street seems to me to be quite small.

Public distrust of the School Board and its arrogant attitude toward public opinion that culminated in the recent Edison School debacle, concerning millions of dollars in excess inflated bond money, speaks for itself.

We should permanently retire all the incumbents on the City Council and School Board.

They've become complacent. Many have been in office over a decade, (some a decade too long).

City officials finally took action on the mall mess when Council members were up for re-election. Was the timing a surprise? No.

Election terms should be one year. We would get better remedial action from elected officials.

How about a new City Council and School Board?

We can do better.

Vern Filan
Walla Walla


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