U-B ballot recommendations for Nov. 8 election


Following are the Union-Bulletin's recommendations on the Nov. 8 General Election:

Port of Walla Walla commissioner

District 2


Fredrickson, the incumbent, has an impressive grasp of how the Port operates and a clear vision of its mission. Still, we see this as a close race. Barlow Corkrum has taken a thoughtful approach to this race and is a serious challenger.

Walla Walla City Council

Postion 4


Cummins has a clear understanding of this community and its people. He listens, develops clear plans based on thoughtful analysis and takes action. Challenger Dick Swenson offers enthusiasm and a promise to work hard, but Cummins has a record of getting results.

Position 5


Clark is an advocate for open government who insists on holding thoughtful discussions on the issues. Challenger Bradley Sandau is a strong candidate but Clark is an extraordinary Council member.

Position 6


What separates challenger Plucker from incumbent Fred Mitchell in this close race is Plucker's enthusiasm, his preparation and potential. We believe Plucker will be an outstanding Council member in a short time. Plucker is the choice among two solid candidates.

Position 7


Elia is a fiscally conservative, pragmatic leader who understands Walla Walla and its residents well. Elia takes the time to fully understand issues and get community input before taking action. Elia, the incumbent, faces a solid challenger in Mary Lou Jenkins. We see Jenkins as a good choice and Elia as a better choice.

Walla Walla School Board

Position 4


Carrera is pragmatic and forceful in his approach, yet also amenable. The combination makes him a very strong School Board member. Challenger Veronica Sandau is a solid candidate but simply does not have the breadth and depth of knowledge Carrera does. Carrera has earned a second term.

Ballot measures

Initiative 1125 (Setting restrictions on road and bridge tolls) - No

Initiative 1163 (Mandating unfunded training for long-term care workers) - No

Initiative 1183 (Close state liquor stores and allow private retailers to sell alcohol) - Yes

SJR 8205 (Amend the state constitution to establish a 30-day residency requirement to vote in all ellections) - Approve

SJR 8206 (Amend the state constitution to require revenue from extraordinary growth be placed in the Rainy Day Fund) - Approve


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