Issues at hand in WW Council races

The budget is at the heart of questions facing City Council candidates.


The city budget is at the heart of most issues Walla Walla City Council members face.

Whether the birds get the bucks or the policebudget gets the boot, the budget is usually the bottom line.

So how do the eight candidates vying for four open positions feel about the current budget process? And are there needs for change?

An even better question to ask, with doom and gloom projections of yet another shortfall of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the 2013-2014 budget, what will they cut? Do these candidates have any sacred cows, such as fire or police services?

Then there's the opposite situation: Every once in a while a city finds itself with extra or unforeseen revenues.

Last summer, city officials were told to expect an additional $48,000 from a one-time state sales tax amnesty program.

They then they promptly spent $30,000 of it on a consultant, in hopes of improving city services and one day winning a prestigious award.

If these candidates saw a similar windfall, how would they spend the money?


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