LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Change is needed in elected officials


Some letters need to tell the entire story, not simply parts that indicate writers know/work with incumbents who have great plans for schools, city, county.

We attended the Walla Walla Fair and stopped at the drawings for a future Wa-Hi. We listened to the lady who said she was hired by the district to explain plans.

After 10 minutes, one man politely said ... most voters want more truth and facts these days because of the Edison debacle. Another man came up quickly (and defensively), stated he works for the school district and gave back part of his salary. He wouldn't say what his salary is. His statement was, "You people are misinformed about Edison," nobody promised to return leftover money!

I don't know how long he's lived here, but I know he was out of line! The administration spent money to build a test kitchen in the new facility near Koncrete Industries. Voters should ask why we needed a test kitchen when we have kitchens in all schools and most close around 1 p.m. daily.

Why is a new one needed?

Many letters say incumbents have been a School Board, Council member or Port commissioner many years and know what our schools, city and county need. It's obvious more of the "good ol' boy/girl" syndrome and rhetoric exists.

By the way, Port Commissioner Frederickson was recently in Olympia at meetings with the governor. Some of that conversation included new taxes. That can be verified in the U-B and online.

No offense to those who've served. I think 10-plus years is quite enough and I'm voting for changes! All new candidates have excellent backgrounds and ideas. Let's move forward. How long must this "waste of time and taxpayer dollars" continue regarding a silly octopus?

Why is the Port competing with business and real estate investors? Who in their right mind would build a new test kitchen when we have over a dozen kitchens available? Who would give a new city manager a $30,000 raise before he even started?

I'll tell you who... the "good ol' boys and girls".

We need "new faces" of leadership in schools, city and county! Remember folks, we recently elected a new sheriff and Superior Court judge. No one can say those haven't worked, much progress has been made! Good job Judge Lohrmann, Sheriff Turner and teams.

Michael Donovan
Walla Walla


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