LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Elia makes the tough decisions


Dominick Elia should be re-elected to his seat on the Walla Walla City Council. Dominick is a good businessman who transfers his business skills to running city government. He can make the tough decisions.

Much criticism has been leveled at the City Council over the Inland Octopus issue. This is a decision that is strictly within the preview of the Planning Department and the city attorney. It shouldn't be a City Council call.

Dominick Elia is a Council person who is always prepared for meetings. He grasps the details and renders thoughtful votes on each issue. He is a scrupulously honest man with a long family heritage in Walla Walla.

I support his re-election. Retain Dominick Elia incumbent, Position 7 of the Walla Walla City Council.

Bill Vollendorff
Walla Walla


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