LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fredrickson has proven track record


The choice is clear -- Mike Fredrickson is the best and most qualified candidate for Walla Walla Port commissioner.

Mike is a well-informed leader who is honest and straightforward. He has a proven track record of leadership with the Port and in private business. He takes an active role in promoting new business development and protecting jobs in Walla Walla County.

Mike was the only elected official to participate at a town hall meeting regarding the Department of Corrections plans to eliminate jobs at the penitentiary. He spoke about the disproportional impacts on the Walla Walla Valley as compared to other communities with correctional facilities in the state.

Mike has a keen understanding of the issues. He will take the time to listen to input from others and have an open discussion with them about current challenges and opportunities facing Walla Walla County. Mike will not only tell you what he stands for, but he has also demonstrated it through his actions in serving the community.

Mike is currently a member of the governor's blue ribbon transportation panel as one of five Eastern Washington representatives. He has also served two terms on the Walla Walla County Planning Commission.

Mike is not a candidate who focuses on the negative. He is the candidate who focuses on how he can best use his skills to further enhance the community now and in the future. Please cast your vote for the clear choice Mike Fredrickson for Walla Walla Port commissioner, District 2.

Carrie Swift


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