LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Change in Port leadership needed


Barlow Corkrum has been our friend for many years. He is a fifth-generation native and he, with his wife Dalia, lives in Walla Walla.

Over the past two years, Earl and I have watched them completely rebuild their 1909 home. We have seen firsthand that Barlow can finish projects he undertakes.

Barlow shares our concerns about what's going on and the need for change at the Port. We believe that he has both the integrity and determination to get the Port back on track. He clearly understands issues that are important to our community, for example, whether or not a coal-fueled power plant should be built 35 miles upwind of Walla Walla.

With a master's degree in hospital administration, a strong background in computers, real estate and local agriculture, Barlow has a combination of skills and leadership experience ideally suited for him to serve our county.

Barlow has carefully followed the activities of the Port for many years and believes that transparency and accountability need to be reinstated. We also believe that the time has come for a change in leadership and direction for the Port of Walla Walla. Please join Earl and me and vote for Barlow Corkrum

Linda Yoes
Walla Walla


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