LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Council member will follow will of the people


As a lifetime resident of Walla Walla, I have always cared about our community. It continues to be a big part of my life.

As a young child, I was exposed to public service by my father, who was a firefighter. I was employed by the Walla Walla Fire Department at the age of 21, putting in 28 years of service, the last 16 as a fire captain.

Since leaving the fire department most of my time has been spent serving on the City Council with two terms as mayor. During this time I also operated a successful small business by the name of Art Western Inc. In addition to that, I have spent much of my life collecting Walla Walla history and memorabilia.

I have always been pro business. Business is the engine that drives economic development and it creates jobs that create a tax base that pays for city services. I will work hard to retain existing business, and continue supporting responsible growth. I believe in using local talent and skills and keeping quality jobs for local people.

Because of my background, I am a strong supporter of police, fire and ambulance services. The safety of our citizens is of utmost importance. Curbing gang activity must also continue to be one of our highest priorities.

I care about family values. Children are the future of our community and I'm an advocate for effective youth programs and facilities including an aquatic center that will meet the needs of our community.

Also, for all our citizens we need a good park system and quality library services.

Another priority of mine is upgrading our streets and we are beginning to make much needed headway. I'm a team player and have a proven ability to work well with people. The city needs to work with every organization, agency and individual that can benefit the community.

Under representative government you are my boss. It's my job to follow the will of the people. If re-elected, I pledge to continue working hard to make Walla Walla a better place to live. I would appreciate your vote for Position 6 on the Walla Walla City Council.

Fred Mitchell
Walla Walla


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