LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cummins listened to neighborhood's concerns


As the economy slowly improves, it is important to support candidates for the City Council who have proven experience in promoting intelligent, balanced growth.

Jerry Cummins has played an instrumental role in the long process of making U.S. Highway 12 a full four-lane road between Tri-Cities and Walla Walla.

But just as important for the future of our neighborhoods, Jerry has shown that he's willing to listen when citizens bring petitions to modify planned developments. He listened a few years ago when 30 neighbors on Home Street and East Chestnut Street petitioned the Council to include better flood protection and better traffic management for a new development in our neighborhood.

He asked good questions about the hazards of cul-de-sacs for firefighters, and just who would be responsible if there was flood damage "downstream" from the new development. He showed he wanted -- just as all of us who brought the petition did -- the best development for our neighborhood.

To help promote the best kind of new development in Walla Walla, I hope you'll vote to re-elect Jerry Cummins.

Tom Davis
Walla Walla


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