LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Barlow Corkrum has a vision for change


Barlow Corkrum knows we need change. He wants to be a driving force in the movement toward economic development.

He wants job opportunities for people who want and need to be working. He wants to conduct the Port's business in a manner that is fair and equitable because he is man of integrity. I know this because Barlow has been a caring neighbor to my husband and me for eight years.

He is a neighbor who greets you with a smile, extends a welcome and invites you to sit for awhile and talk with him. He loves to listen to what matters to you and speaks with great conviction regarding what matters to him.

What matters to him? Barlow loves people, he values tradition, family, hard work and he loves this community. He has a strong educational background, years of experience in business, great communication skills, depth of integrity and a spirit of sacrifice.

Times couldn't be much tougher, or so we think, because times have never been more challenging in our lifetime. It is important to me that the Port is managed with openness and accountability, with the good of the people of this Valley at the core of every decision.

Barlow has a vision for change and a commitment to carry out the Port's mission. This is what I trust and this is what I'm voting for.

Barbara Bates
Walla Walla


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