LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Port awards show success


The Port Commission race between Mike Fredrickson and Barlow Corkrum has been interesting, and has raised some questions as to the Port's activities.

After reading some of the information sent in about what the Port "has not" been doing with its time and money, I thought I should do some research into the actions that have been taken by the current group of commissioners.

During Commissioner Fredrickson's tenure the Port was named "Port of the Year" by the Washington State Public Ports Association. The Port was recognized for its leadership role in enhancing economic vitality of Southeastern Washington.

The Ports Association, which has 75 members, cited the Railex Produce Distribution Center, airport wine incubator buildings and the U.S. Highway 12 Coalition as examples of how port districts can create economic prosperity in their regions.

The Washington state Department of Health selected the Port's Burbank Water System for its "Going Above and Beyond Award." The local Port received the award for developing a water system with the capacity to serve neighboring water systems that are struggling to provide potable water to their customers.

The Port was a recipient of the Governor's "Best Practices in Economic Development Award" for the Railex project.

I was one of many who took a bus tour to the Railex project and other Port concerns. It was very "eye opening" and informative.

The above cited awards makes it clear to me the Port of Walla Walla is heading in the right direction. I will definitely be voting to re-elect Mike Fredrickson for Port Commission, District 2.

Lois Hahn
Walla Walla


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