LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Barlow Corkrum is out of touch


Barlow Corkrum believes new leadership is needed on the Port Commission. So let's review his positions and statements made during the campaign for Port Commission.

He does not believe the Port takes minutes of their meetings. Larry Adams, former airport manager, was quite surprised by this comment and wrote a letter to the editor correcting Mr. Corkrum's misstatement.

In the Union-Bulletin's endorsement of Mike Fredrickson for re-election, the newspaper confirmed minutes are taken at Port meetings. Mr. Corkrum wants the Port to recruit Walla Walla alumni back to Walla Walla to reinvest in the community. A good idea. However, according to Mr. Corkrum's statements he has elected to make his investments in South Carolina and not in Walla Walla.

This fall, Mr. Corkrum used an American Association of University Women fundraising event (kitchen tours) to advance his own personal political ambitions to be a Port commissioner. His house was on the tour and when you arrived you were given his campaign brochure. Mr. Corkrum should have used better judgment and taken one day off his campaign to support this worthy cause.

Mr. Corkrum's latest statement is he would not have recruited the Boise Paper Plant to Wallula if given the chance. He does not believe the 600 family wage jobs and the $1.9 million of annual property taxes is worth it. He is clearly out of touch on this issue. The Union-Bulletin's perspective that Mr. Corkrum's views on economic development are unrealistic is quite the understatement.

According to Mr. Corkrum, the Port's contact with the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Walla Walla are limited to the EDC meetings every other month. Again a letter to the editor was written to correct Mr. Corkrum's misrepresentation. The Port has a close working relationship with the Chamber and a Port staff member is on the board of Tourism Walla Walla. Mr. Corkrum is simply out of touch.

Six years ago, Mr. Corkrum plastered Walla Walla County with his campaign signs. Fortunately, the voters had the good judgment to look past the campaign signs and elect Mike Fredrickson to the Port Commission. While Mr. Corkrum's campaign signs are back in full bloom this year, I would hope the voters look closely at Mr. Corkrum's above positions and vote to re-elect Mike Fredrickson.

Ken Jantz
former Port of Walla Walla commissoner
Orlando, Fla.


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