LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - I-1183 will increase human suffering


If Initative 1183 passes the number of retail liquor outlets will increase from the current 328 to 1,428 within the state of Washington. Even though Washington voters have said "no" twice to similar initiatives, proponents keep trying to pass a bill to privatize liquor sales.

It's all about money, money and more money. The state and local governments will make more money, liquor prices will fall and the consumer will pay less and wine merchants and Costco will make more money. It goes on and on.

But is money the only issue we should be thinking about? What about the costs of human suffering due to abusive parents or spouses when they are drunk and physically hitting and striking their so-called loved ones. Making liquor easier, cheaper and more convenient to obtain does not make life better for the families, the alcoholic, the treatment centers, the hospitals or other human services that provide for our safety and protection.

Just maybe when the liquor store is closed or too far to walk to as it is now, the person(s) would not be able to get their liquor of choice that evening, they stayed home, watched TV, and the spouse and kids spend a night without fear.

Is making more money really worth the human suffering? I don't think so.

Betty Asbjornsen-Hamby
Walla Walla


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