LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mary Lou Jenkins represents part of the solution


I am writing in support of Mary Lou Jenking for City Council, Position 7.

I believe we need new leadership in our City Council. Many have been in their current positions for a decade or more and as a result, our local government has gone off course.

By focusing on trivialities and wasting time, money and energy pursuing petty litigation, they have demonstrated how dramatically out of touch they are with the concerns of our community. Mary Lou Jenkins represents part of the solution to this mess, not more of the same.

Mary Lou understands the major problems we are facing as a community: Needless litigation draining funds from city coffers, rising gang violence creating an atmosphere of fear and suspicion, crumbling infrastructure from too many years of delayed maintenance and a stagnant job market that effects women, minorities and the young to a far greater extent than any other groups.

Her background as an employment counselor for a local nonprofit has allowed her to hone the skills needed to effectively address these problems.

In fact, Mary Lou earned recognition for excellence in her public service by being nominated for the statewide 2009 Women of Distinction award. Every day at work, she listens, evaluates and formulates solutions for each individual's needs. If elected she will do the same for Walla Walla.

Please join me in electing Mary Lou Jenkins to our City Council.

Robb Lincoln
Walla Walla


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