LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Campaigning at fundraiser inappropriate


On Oct. 2 the American Association of University Women Walla Walla Chapter held its annual kitchen tour community fundraiser. This is a great event and AAUW should be recognized accordingly.

Regrettably, Barlow Corkrum used this community fundraising event to promote his campaign for Port commissioner. Mr. Corkrum's remodeled kitchen was part of the tour. When you got to his house you were asked to take one of his campaign brochures as people were actively campaigning.
Mr. Corkrum should have used better judgment. Taking advantage of an AAUW community fundraiser for his own personal campaign is uncalled for. He should have put this fundraiser targeted for student scholarships and local educational projects ahead of his own ambitions. He should have taken one day away from his campaign and simply supported this community event as a citizen.
I am sure AAUW did not approve Mr. Corkrum using its event to advance his personal campaign for the Port commission, nor do I believe AAUW is endorsing his campaign. AAUW is a fine organization and is not to blame. It appears it was simply being taken advantage of.
It would be in AAUW's best interest to publicly clarify Mr. Corkrum was not authorized to use the event as part of his campaign.
Maye Hofer



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