LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fredrickson doesn't use service for political gain


On Oct. 2 I attended the American Association University of Women annual kitchen tour. This is a fundraiser event for student scholarships and local educational projects. As a retired teacher I really value the purpose of this event.

One of the kitchens on the tour was that of Barlow Corkrum. The kitchen was beautiful. In looking around I noticed he had his campaign materials on the island counter top. He also was visiting with those of us as we entered the kitchen area. One couple was new to the area so he was homing in on them and presenting them with his literature. This bothered me as being new to the area, would they know of the commissioner role that he was campaigning for?
I felt it was a conflict of interest as he was using this community fundraising event to advance his political ambitions to be elected to the Port Commission. I also felt there was undue political pressure to take one of his campaign brochures. Did the organizers of the tour know of his intent?
Mr. Corkrum should not have politicized this event. It is not fair to AAUW and its objective. Is Mr. Corkrum that desperate to be elected to the Port Commission that he had to take advantage of this community fundraiser? He would have been better served by taking a day off from his campaign to support raising money for student scholarships and local educational projects. He would have been demonstrating to the community that he was putting his political ambitions aside for the betterment of the community.
I find it interesting that one of the campaign issues for the Port Commission race is Mr. Corkrum's lack of community service history. One has to know his community to better serve his community. This was a great opportunity for Mr. Corkrum to donate his time and efforts without any political overtones.
I also believe it would be in AAUW's interest to publicily clarify that Mr. Corkrum was not authorized to use the event to further his political ambitions. Those who attended the event should not have received his brochures.
In contrast, I have had the opportunity to serve on several committees with Mike Fredrickson. He serves on the committees to make Walla Walla a better place to live. He does not use his community service for political gain. Please join me in voting for Mike Fredrickson for re-election as Port commissioner.
Linda Thorne

Walla Walla


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