LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fresh ideas, people needed on Council


A recent letter to the editor stated that Mary Lou Jenkins hadn't attended Walla Walla City Council meetings because she said "she has a life."

Perhaps it's because she's busy listening to the concerns of the citizens of Walla Walla. Perhaps it's because she's been making time in "her life" to attend functions for a variety of businesses and organizations that have never had a chance to be heard by current Council members.
However, with all of the ways each and every citizen of Walla Walla has access to the Internet and complete coverage by our very own Union-Bulletin, she can - and has - kept abreast of Council agendas without being there in person. This is due to the advent of these new, fresh technologies.
On that note, new, fresh ideas, perspectives and people are desperately needed in our City Council.
Twenty-plus years on a Council doesn't sound fresh or very willing to adapt to anything new. For a city that is obviously crying out for a new direction, and cries that land on deaf ears, their time is up.
All of the new candidates deserve a chance to be heard and bring forth the ideas of the citizens of Walla Walla - citizens who are fed up with the same "good old boys" calling the shots.
Vote for Mary Lou Jenkins and all other challengers this November!
Alexis Scruggs

Walla Walla


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