LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mall owners should pay for tire


My daughter was driving to Sears to return shoes for me on her lunch break. She turned at the stoplight behind the old Rex building. As she was headed to Sears she tried to avoid a giant pothole. Let's just say the pothole won.

She heard air loudly hissing so she got out to look. Her brand new tire was flat. A big hole in it.
She called her dad who called Hinton Tire Service, our tire guy who went to make the car operable so we could get it to his shop. He will have to order another tire. Keep in mind it is a $120 per tire. We just spent $480 on four new tires.
I called the city of Walla Walla and was redirected to the city attorney's office. The person I talked to was nice but did not know who to tell me to contact. The attorneys are in court the next two days.
In the meantime, my daughter sits with no vehicle. Yes, she has full coverage insurance but the deductible is $250. She is a single parent with two jobs, no child support and she borrowed the money to buy the tires from her parents. We already are stretched thin as she is starting college at Hair Tech in January.
We never ask for money or hand outs. We take care of our own. However, enough is enough. These people who own the Blue Mountain Mall should be embarrassed. If the mall parking lot was taken care of properly this would not have happened. Yes I am frustrated. I want answers. Who is going to pay for this? When are these people going to own up and show their faces?
Shannon Ginter



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