LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mike Fredrickson is wise choice for Port commissioner


Mike Fredrickson has a great record as Port of Walla Walla commissioner.

During his tenure the next section of U.S Highway 12 has been completed, the five-building wine complex has been finished and occupied and most importantly, the award-winning Railex Produce Distribution Center has been completed and is swiftly moving area produce to the East Coast in four to five days.
Mr. Fredrickson was recently appointed to the Governor's Connecting Washington Task Force.
This body recommends transportation projects and funding to the Legislature. He is one of three appointees from Eastern Washington. This is a very responsible position and recognizes his value to this area.
A lot is being said about the Port's policy of land acquisition. In its competition for businesses with family wage jobs, the client companies won't talk to a Port district that doesn't have land and infrastructure available. Negotiations with potential clients would be a nightmare if multiple landowners had to be involved in the transaction.
Yes, the land is off the tax rolls, but without the Port's retaining land itswork would be impossible.
Transparency is another issue stressed by the opposition. There are sufficient laws and rules in place to ensure this. Many companies the Port does business with will say specifically, "if any of this information gets out, we will end our negotiations." The Port simply can't run to the media every time a business sneezes in this direction.
The real underlying motivation of the challenger is the removal of Jim Kuntz as Port executive director. Mr. Kuntz is doing a great job. The Port's tax rate has declined, costing the taxpayers less each year and he has directed the highway completion, winery incubator and Railex projects. His salary is approximately in the middle of competing area's CEOs. His responsibility level is very high and deserves his level of compensation
Mike Fredrickson is a man of great personal integrity with deep family roots in this Valley. His dedication to his job is as deep as his roots. Considering the level of recognition he has achieved and his stellar record of achievement as a commission member, he deserves to be retained.
Mike Fredrickson, the wise choice for Port commissioner.
Bill Vollendorff

Walla Walla


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