LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mike Fredrickson tends to business


I have listened to Mr. Corkrum twice as he has solicited my support. I do not appreciate or agree with his approach of reorganizing the Port's priorities nor his future plan of investigating the activities of the Port. This is unnecessary, counterproductive, wasteful and extremely costly to us as taxpayers.

As a business person and supporter of the U.S. Highway 12 project my interest lies in generating family wage jobs and good transportation in and out of the Valley, which the Port has done.
Mr. Corkrum does not appear to be an expert in business development, marketing or management as is our current Port staff. Mr. Fredrickson has these qualifications and appears to be using them to promote the Port's goals effectively.
Mr. Corkrum's goals seem to be merely to "stir the pot" and sow divisiveness between the other commissioners and staff. Mr. Fredrickson, on the other hand ,works well with the other commissioners and staff and leads from a position of positive reinforcement rather than confrontation as Mr. Corkrum has promised to do.
In Mr. Corkrum's letter to the editor dated Oct. 10 he infers that the Port's economic development meetings are business meetings requiring minutes to be taken and a record made of those who attend and how they voted. I find this view very interesting as I have regularly attended these meetings for many years and have only been asked to "vote" once or twice and only as a means to gather a general consensus from community leaders on a particular subject.
These meetings are not business meetings but rather a report to the community on Port activities, economic conditions of the state, city of Walla Walla, Walla Walla County and other significant business activity in general. No official business is conducted at these events that would require minutes to be taken. Mr. Corkrum also complains that lunch is provided at the Port's expense to attendees. This is true and greatly appreciated by those who take their lunch hour to attend.
From my conversations with Mr. Corkrum and my observations from the campaign it appears that the bottom line to Mr. Corkrum's basis for running for Port commissioner is not to unseat an unqualified incumbent or improve the Port's performance, but rather is a personal vendetta against certain Port staff. Period!
Business at the Port or any organization should be above petty politics and personal smears, which is why I support Mike Fredrickson for Port commissioner. He tends to business!
Carolyn Tuttle

Walla Walla


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