LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Taxpayers should be outraged


Port of Walla Walla commissioners' management decisions have come into question recently over excessive executive salaries, trips to the director's condo in Phoenix and the director's unprofessional behavior, etc. As with most things, there is always more to the story.

The Port of Walla Walla's three commissioners oversee the executive director and have set his salary at nearly $160,000 per year. That salary is higher than Washington state's attorney general, all 174 Superior Court judges and over three times our state legislators' salary. No question, the Port director is extremely well compensated by our commissioners.
The bigger question is, why did the Port commissioners fail to address alleged concerns about unprofessional behavior?
What our current Port commissioners might have done through their mismanagement is to put the Port into a very precarious, very costly position. If this were a publicly-traded company, stockholders would be outraged. In this case, it is taxpayers who should be outraged.
Mike Morris

Walla Walla


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