LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cat Management Coalition is effective


I am writing this to let everyone know how great the people are who work with the Cat Management Coalition.

I found a litter of kittens on my back property a couple years ago. I told myself if they make it through the winter then I will catch them and spay or neuter them.

Well, spring came around and they were still there, so I found out about CMC and started using its services. Since that first litter, until now, I figure around 25 to 30 feral cats have come from my area.

For a small fee and a little food, all of my cats were fixed by CMC.

I just want everyone to know how great this service is and how wonderful these people are. From the vets who give of their services, to Sallie, our animal control officer, and all the special volunteers who give of their time.

This service helps the Walla Walla area from being overran with these feral cats. If everyone who has feral cats or domestic would be responsible for them and use this great service, everyone would benefit.

It's amazing how healthy a cat becomes onceit is spayed or neutered.

I think CMC is the greatest!

Becky Flippo
Walla Walla


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