LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Port activities are troubling


My letters to the editor reflect my belief that voters need to be aware of misleading statements, suspected misrepresentation and concealment of actual facts stated by Port commissioner candidates and others. Citizens need to vote accordingly so we don't have deceitful people representing us. Everyone can check these facts for themselves.

I was appalled to read that the editorial board of the Union-Bulletin endorsed Michael Fredrickson for a second term as Port of Walla Walla commissioner. This is particularly infuriating because it is fully aware of the events, actions and non-actions over the last six years as detailed below.

Mr. Fredrickson took office Jan. 1, 2006. All the "Railex" partners were in place, negotiations, plans and financial structuring were completed by that date. Fredrickson had "nothing to do with that project" and cannot, should not try to take credit for its success. In order to get re-elected, he is misleading citizens.

Gov. Gregoire's recently formed Blue Ribbon Transportation Committee has members from all regions of the state. Due to the success of U.S. Highway 12 coalitions, it was reasonable to offer a Southeastern Washington position to Walla Walla. However, Fredrickson has "no expertise" in transportation policy. His selection was a political decision. Any Port commissioners up for re-election would have been selected. Once again, the citizens are being misled.

Citizens should investigate the troubling activities and events that have occurred by the Port and its executive director. All following information is available to citizens to assist in their decisions when voting, including -- Olson farm, Walla Walla regional firefighters, Port vehicles and executive director, economic development, accountability and transparency at the Port.

Fredrickson stated at the first candidate's debate, "We're working on improving transparency".

We all know an agency is either transparent in its operations or it is not. In these cases, it is not.

Folks, these are very important, questionable actions, and should be looked at before casting votes.

Robert Phillips
College Place


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