LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - How about special section for other students


I just finished looking through my evening paper, including the 24-page section dedicated to high school football.

Football is a great game, enjoyable to watch, and the players work hard. Athletes learn many lessons that they take with them into the rest of their lives.

I think it's great the paper chooses to feature these students in a special section because I really like to hear local stories. National news I can find elsewhere, but local stories are why I subscribe to the paper.

I'm looking forward to the special sections to come featuring all of the other hard-working young athletes - the swimmers, the volleyball team, the tennis team and the other sports I hear little about.

I was thinking about the other special 24-page sections featuring all of the hard-working youth in the area and what plays and musicals they will be presenting this season, where the debate team will be competing, how hard the band works as its members show up at all of the games each season and what the music departments have planned this year.

I was thinking about all of the extracurricular activities that require hard work and teach important life lessons in which high school students in our area participate and how much I look forward to reading about them in their special featured sections.

I have never seen a section like this for these other areas and I'm wondering why. I'm hoping the newspaper staff will consider having special sections featuring stories of all of our hardworking young people.

It's time to acknowledge and highlight the accomplishments of all of our students.

Ah, utopia. Wouldn't it be great!

Karyn Hinz

Walla Walla


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