On the agenda - Athena City Council


Members of the Council are Eric Pickard, LaVerne Mitchell, John Shafer, Deborah Hayward and Carol Speed. Mayor is Charles Vickery. With Speed absent Thursday, the Council:

  • FESTIVAL: Dave Lynde asked for permission to close Main Street from Third to Fourth from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 1 for the Fall Festival. Council approved by unanimous vote.
  • COMMITTEE: Learned Vickery appointed Elizabeth McIntyre and Dave Richmond to the hiring committee.
  • LIVESTOCK AND DOGS: Tabled proposed revisions to the dog ordinance. Approved change in wording in the livestock ordinance. Unanimous for both. In a related matter, approved request from Kerri and Shawn Coffman to increase their flock of laying hens from six to 14, but denied a request to increase the number of pigeons sought by another resident.
  • BONFIRE: Approved request to hold bon fire and noise parade Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. A representative of Weston-McEwen High School made the request. Unanimous.
  • STREET CONTRACTS: Signed two contracts with the state Department of Transportation for the Main Street Project. Total amount for the two contracts is $1.75 million. Unanimous.
  • BUSINESS LICENSE: Approved business license for M&C Windshield Chip Repair, owned by Mark Ashley, 200 N. Second St. Unanimous


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