LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Events help Walla Walla economy


I have been looking all day for the map on the web and the Wheeling Walla Walla Weekend website. No where is there a map for the citizens of Walla Walla to find out where the route is to watch other than the printed Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (couldn't find it on its web page).

I also noticed very little advertising went into this event. It is very evident someone other than the Gerkes have taken over this event even though they have solicited help to take over this huge project.

Hopefully someone can also build relations with the downtown merchants who continually have negative opinions on events held downtown, when in reality they gain more business from these events that bring the community out in droves with shopping bags.

Aren't these events stimulating our Walla Walla economy in every way from lodging, food, retail and gas?

Mindy Stonebraker
Walla Walla


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