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Featured books will be available for the public today. They can also be placed on hold online at or call the library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


"Millennium People," by J.G. Ballard

London's middle class life is under increasingly violent attack. A bomb at Heathrow Airport is not, in fact, the work of foreign terrorists. Rather, learning that his ex-wife is among the victims, psychologist David Markham follows a police lead to a fringe protest group based in a comfortable Thameside estate. The ruthless cult, led," by charismatic pediatrician Richard Gould, aims to incite anger and violence among the middle classes in order to cast off their self-imposed burdens. After becoming involved with a film studies professor/terrorist cell leader, Markham ultimately falls under the influence of Gould and actively participates in the uprising of existential rage.

"The Way Things Look to Me," by Roopa Farooki

Meet the Murphy family: Asif, Lila, and Yasmin. Asif is the responsible older brother, Lila is the rebellious middle sister, and Yasmin is the youngest and most unique. Diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, she sees music in color, remembers every tiny detail of everything, and has made her sister resent her for receiving a disproportionate amount of their mother's attention. As adults, after their parents' deaths, Lila leaves home and stumbles into a wayward existence. Asif, however, is committed to caring for Yasmin, despite feeling his freedom and youth slipping away. Then something unthinkable happens, bringing into question the siblings' precarious balance between duty and love.


"The Coke Machine: The Dirty Truth Behind the World's Favorite Soft Drink," by Michael Blanding

Investigative journalist Michael Blanding exposes the social and environmental costs of The Coca-Cola Company's international success. He accuses the company of having both a blemished past and present. Its franchisees made deals with Nazis and Guatemalan paramilitary squads. The company has exclusive soda contracts with schools, contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic. Bottling plants in Mexico and India have decreased the water supply while increasing toxic pollution. What kind of responsibility should a corporation have to its community?

"Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History," by Ben Mezrich

This is the true story of an Ocean's Eleven-style heist of invaluable objects from NASA. Thad Roberts, a gifted college student and fellow in a prestigious NASA program, was so love struck," by his girlfriend that he hatched a crazy plan to give her the moon. Thad convinced her and another young woman, both NASA interns, to help him steal moon rocks from a laboratory protected," by the highest security measures. Axel Emmermann, a quality control supervisor and avid rock collector residing in Belgium, received an unusual e-mail expressing an interest in selling moon rocks, which are illegal even to own. His sense of justice led him to investigate. Author Ben Mezrich based this book on thorough research of court records, FBI documents, and interviews with the people involved.


"Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion?," by Johan Harstad; "Lights Out in Wonderland," by DBC Pierre; "Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry," by David Orr; "The Joy of Chemistry: The Amazing Science of Familiar Things," by Cathy Cobb and Monty L. Fetterolf.


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