LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - More on passing of 'common sense'


R.I.P. -- "common sense" has passed (part 4).

After dealing with almost three years into the Obama administration's fiascos (two of those years dominated by progressive liberal Congress and Senate) we are still finding out that the Republicans are the ones who are destroying America? Obviously destroying Medicare, jobs, Social Security and the tax base?

But does anyone remember Rep. Pelosi's statement: "You have to pass the bill to find out what's in it."

Well let's take a short look at Obamacare.

Obamacare pulls $500 million from Medicare so the government can control the issues of health with the elderly by a group of non-medical personnel. In another year if you decide to sell your house you will pay 3.4 percent tax to the government along with the capital gains tax that you will pay if you don't invest that money.

In the past three years Social Security recipients have not received a COLA because of the GDP (all moving overseas). But in the year of 2010 entitlements from Social Security have been given to illegal immigrants (not including medical, food stamps and welfare) because of a tax loophole to the tune of $4 billion dollars. Now, do you need to ask where your COLA went?

The president's jobs coordinator (Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE) who sits next to him during meetings and speeches in the White House has moved his medical unit totally over to China (our biggest debt holder, who we also send financial aid to). If your wondering where all the jobs are, look in China.

Last but not least is the president's bus tour that cost the taxpayers dearly. Then we come to find out that he wasn't on the $1.1 million buses (made in Canada) the whole tour! He was taken by Air Force One to the origin of the day's tour and then the tour would begin! After a tour for the day they would load up and move to the next day's tour and this transpired for the three day trip!

But I guess to look at it from the White House view when you know the guy that prints the money, you don't really have to worry about jobs until 2012 -- and then maybe we can make some changes to benefit and make this country America again instead of becoming a Third World country that we are on the path to being.

R. I.P. -- "common sense" has passed (Part 4).

Myron Wallmow
Walla Walla


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