Etcetera - 09/23/11


Walla Walla High School Choir members expect to clean up when they hold a Sudsathon car wash from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

The fundraiser will be at the NAPA store at 1830 E. Isaacs Ave. The choir raises funds to help with expenses during the school year.

For more details, contact Norbert Rossi, director of choral activities, at 509-527-3020 or

Milton-Freewater resident Grant Hendley is home from a year in Taiwan as the Milton-Freewater Rotary Club's outbound youth exchange student.

He gave a powerpoint presentation of his stay in Taiwan where he learned to read and write in Mandarin Chinese. While learning the history of his host country, Grant discovered President Chaing Kai-shek is as revered there as George Washington is in America.

He told the assembled Rotarians at their Aug. 30 meeting that in 1949, Chiang Kai-shek retreated from communist China to Taiwan and established the democratic society that still stands. Although the Republic of China attempted to regain control of the island nation, it has since been recognized by the United Nations and the western community as an independent nation.

Grant was hosted by the Chung-Li Chung Shing Rotary Club. Separated from mainland China by the 99-mile-wide Taiwan Strait, the country is about 245 miles long and 89 miles wide.

Grant shared some of the mementos he collected while there. He had pictures of Milton-Freewater and a picture tour of the U.S. alongside pictures of Taipei and his friends and family. A flag of Taiwan was covered with autographs of his friends and places he visited and there were posters made by his friends and classmates to take home.

He described various meal choices, desserts, drinks, holiday celebrations and places he visited with the 14 or so other exchange students who were there during his stay. He said the girls he met were more likely to be fluent in English than the boys, but he had very little problem communicating with people.

He showed the cap all students were required to wear in school and the backpack he carried to classes.

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