LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: GOP puts politics above the nation


If you are like me, you are sick and tired of the political nonsense going on in Washington, D.C.

It is my understanding that when senators, representatives and the president take office, they must swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and govern the country for the benefit of the people. However, most Republicans have sworn what they believe is a higher oath - to Grover Norquist - to oppose any efforts to raise taxes to make our country prosper again.

They block any and all attempts by the president. It is clear they place getting rid of him ahead of the welfare of the country and the common people. They are bought and paid for by the rich, big companies and corporations that reap the greatest rewards from the working people.

When I worked for the government, I learned that the Congress must pass laws to continue existing or create new programs. Then Congress must pass budgets to fund those programs.

Yet the Republicans place the responsibility for solving our problems on the president and criticize him for spending money in budgets they passed. Then they hold his solutions and his budgets hostage to make him look bad. They would bankrupt the country to oppose him.

If your taxable income was $100,000 and you paid 13 percent ($13,000) in taxes that would leave you $87,000 to live on. If a millionaire paid 13 percent in taxes that would leave $870,000 to live on. A billionaire in a similar example would have $870 million to live on. The taxes the millionaire paid would equal to that of 10 of working people at your salary, and the billionaire's taxes would equal 1,000 workers like you.

Republicans say government is too big and want to reduce it and its regulations by cutting spending. Maybe there are too many laws, and regulations and agencies we no longer need.

But Congress is in control of reducing government. It can repeal laws and abolish agencies; the president can't. All the Congress has to do is get off their backsides and do it.

The president wants rich people, corporations and big companies to pay their fair share of taxes. If you make over the $250,000 threshold in his plan, you might feel justified in voting for Republicans. If you make less that $250,000, why would you vote for members of the bought-and- paid-for party?

John McKern

Walla Walla


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