LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How many more will die?


My thoughts on 9/11. Why am I feeling this way today? Is it the weather? Or the day? 9/11.

Yes, the day or night is 10 years old, and I feel older, too. I was there in D. C. I heard the sirens that wailed and wailed, and watched as the city was evacuated.

I felt so strange that day. Why whoever did this, why do they hate us so? What had we done as a nation? Had we robbed the poor? Used Wall Street to gamble people's money away? Was it that we didn't feed the poor in some country?

All of these thoughts are crowding around me today. Pulling me down, depressing me, sapping my strength. War is not the answer.

How many wars have we had in the past 10 years and what have we accomplished? One hundred thousand more civilians dead in Iraq. Over 6,000 soldiers dead, 35,000 or more wounded. Afghanistan the pit that can never be healed. Israel, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and on and on it goes.

We think of those seeking freedom and what can we do peacefully?

The day is ending, the sun is sinking and I am weary. We talk as if those in the towers, the place in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon are the heroes ... but how many more will die and for what? Love is not involved in any of this mess, forgiveness is never mentioned.

I bow my head and cry ... for the world, the children of the world and for the dust that covers our souls.

Robertta Hunt

Walla Walla


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