Scheduling next hurdle for Wa-Hi in new sports league


WALLA WALLA - Two months have gone by since the formation of the Mid-Columbia League, and Wa-Hi is still trying to play catch-up.

The crux of the issue for the Blue Devils is scheduling. With all of the uncertainty surrounding the new league, and the messy and protracted exit from the decades-old Columbia Basin Big Nine, Wa-Hi was unable to start scheduling fall sports events until only recently.

The football schedule, at least, would have been done in November in a normal year, Wa-Hi Athletic Director Don Wilkins said.

Although Wilkins said the football schedule was now tentatively complete, he was still looking for schools with available game dates for the other fall sports like volleyball, girls swimming and cross country.

An additional delay has been caused by a new MCC bylaw. All league schedules must now be approved by first the principals of the respective schools, and then the superintendent. This further delayed the school's ability to schedule non-league games for this fall.

The worst case scenario for Wa-Hi would be for some sports to simply not play a full schedule of games, Wilkins said.

Although he is trying to avoid the travel costs and time requirements, Wilkins said there were plenty of games available in Western Washington.

Wilkins declined to release details about the upcoming schedules that were finished.

The MCC (which was named in February) does not yet have bylaws in place, and little else is set in stone regarding the new league, although it does have a basic leadership structure.

The league has a president, Richland Athletic Director Mike Edwards, and each AD is responsible for two sports' schedules. Wilkins is responsible for football and baseball scheduling.

There will be another AD's meeting April 11.


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