In the minutes - Garfield County Public Hospital District


Garfield County Public Hospital District commissioners are Jenness Evanson, Bob Turner, Ray Hoffman, Kris Darby and Vonni Mulroney. With Maves absent Wednesday the board:

  • VOUCHERS: Approved accounts payable vouchers for $150,522, and payroll vouchers for $192,958. Unanimous.

  • BOARD MEMBER: Approved appointing the Rev. Robert Turner to board position 3. Following a unanimous vote he was sworn into office.

  • BOARD QUALITY: Discussed results of a board self-assessment questionnaire that was filled out at the board retreat. Agreed to focus on succession planning and continuing education for board members as areas of board development.

  • QUALITY TEAM: Learned the team is working on marketing strategy. Barb DeHerrera is developing standards for customer/patient surveys.

  • MEDICAL STAFF: Discuss lab pricing and market share analysis. Learned that Dr. Houser is evaluating a cholesterol program by LipoScience to help high-risk patients. Also discussed Clarity referral system that is being implemented into the health system. Staff is concerned the technology has the potential to take away the interpersonal relationships they have with their patients, the board was told.

  • HUGS: Learned painting in the main hallway is underway. The Auxiliary donated $839 for the project. The group also plans to award a $300 scholarship for senior students at Pomeroy High School.

  • RESIDENT COUNCIL: Learned residents are pleased with holiday meals and temperature in the building, but request better lighting in the activity room.

  • FINANCIAL: Learned net loss in February was $94,431, which is very close to budget. Year-to-date loss is $66,302, which is $108,382 under budget as a result of reduced operating expenses. Also learned the district transferred $70,000 out of investments, expects a cost report settlement from Medicare and continues to work on securing interim financing against the proceeds of the levy.

  • DRILL: Learned the hospital will participate in a disaster drill April 18 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The drill scenario will be a situation where the hospital's roof will collapse. The drill will satisfy the hospital's requirements for an annual exercise.

  • RESOLUTION: Consider resolution removing former employee Shannon Jones from the 403(b) Plan and adding Susan Morrow.

  • CLOSED SESSION: Will meet in executive session to discuss personnel.


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