Letters To The Editor - Mullan Road conference in WW


I appreciate the excellent article about our Mullan Road conference, which appeared a couple of days ago in the Union Bulletin. Over the years Mullan Road enthusiasts have met in cities near portions of the road from Spokane to Fort Benton, at the eastern terminus on the Missouri River. But until now, we've never been able to meet at the all-important western end of the trail in Walla Walla.

We will be bringing to town some very talented Mullan scholars and enthusiasts, including Maj. Ryan Shaw, who teaches at West Point -- John Mullan's alma mater -- and "Montana Bill" Weikel from Missoula, Mont., who dresses as a surveyor and describes the instruments used on the road, drawing on his own remarkable collection of historic trail-blazing gadgets. They and others will be joined in Walla Walla by some of your own local talent to role-play John Mullan himself and discuss the mapping of the road in your neighborhood.

For more information on the Mullan events, I recommend that your readers check out our information-rich conference web site by Googling "Mullan Road Conference, 2012".

See you in Walla Walla!

Bill Youngs,
Conference Chairman


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