In the minutes - POMEROY COUNCIL


Pomeroy City Council members are Dennis Gillis, James Fuchs, Kaye Carlson and Donna Hunt. Mayor is G. Paul Miller. With all present Tuesday:

  • REQUEST: Approved request from Lisa Lund to close Columbia from 6th Street to 8th Street from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for a car show and 7th Street from Main to Columbia from 5 to 11 p.m. for the Wine, Stein amp; Shine event. Unanimous.

  • LAW ENFORCEMENT: Learned there was been an increase in the number of calls received at the Sheriff's office from February to March.

  • COMPOST PILE: Discussed compost piles near the Pataha Creek RV park. Public Works director Kenny Landkammer said the compost pile slab was scheduled before the RV Park was developed, and the facility the city previously utilized was shut down by the state Department of Ecology. Only grass clippings and natural materials are placed in the pile, and it does not include sewage, Landkammer said.

  • VISITORS: Welcomed Boy Scouts who attended the meeting to observe governmental functions.

  • POOL: Learned there is one applicant for pool manager that fulfills the job description, and two other applicants who would not be able to obtain lifeguard credentials. Four former lifeguards have applied for lifeguard positions, as well as three new potential lifeguards.

  • CLEAN-UP: Set may 5 as the date for Spring Clean-up Day. The owner of Naslund Disposal has offered to match any money donated at the collection site and contribute the funds to a program designated by the city.

  • SIDEWALKS: Approved payment of $9,509 to McCalls Classic Construction for the 10th Street Sidewalk Project. Unanimous.

  • NUISANCE PROPERTY: Learned the prosecutor is working with an offender's attorney to come to an agreeable resolution. Also learned residences at Pataha and Third and next to Larry Ledgerwood's home are scheduled to be burned by the Fire Department.


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