LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Another look at global warming


While following with interest the opposing views to Steve Singleton's stance on global warming - or, as it is being repackaged by the hard greens, "extreme climate change" - I was drawn to the bevy of facts presented by Mr. John Masla posted on the U-B website April 3, 2011.

We have been cycling out of the Little Ice Age for the past 200-plus years so the rise of 2 degrees is neither news or catastrophic. As of the collapse of the Soviet Union, hundreds of measuring stations have been abandoned in the coldest part of the globe. Remove those from an already suspect system and your numbers will go up.

In May of 2006, Dr. John Christy of NOAA, no friend of warming skeptics, published a report attempting to reconcile computer model projections with reality. His findings of the differences between satellite and surface temperature measurements found that the global-average temperature increased at a rate of about 0.12C per decade since 1958, and about 0.16C since 1979. That is roughly a rise of about 1.7 degrees C over a century.

As for the parts per million of C02, no dispute on the increase quoted in Mr. Masla's letter; the question is whether it is the path to global destruction.

My radar always goes up when we get the "scientists' consensus" angle. The number 3,146 scientists rang a bell as one I had heard before and found amazing.

The fact presented by Mr. Masla, "according to a CNN survey of 3,146 scientists, 97 percent of climatologists involved with climate research agreed that humans have played a role in global climate change."

Well duh. While researching the composition of the 3,146 scientists involved in the survey conducted by EOS, not CNN

Bud Stocking

Walla Walla


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