LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - College Place high school is not needed


By now most of the ballots have already been mailed in. For those still deciding, here are some thoughts.

We already spend more than 50 percent of our property taxes on our schools. The argument that if we don't vote for this new bond we're ignoring our children is ridiculous. One writer went even as far as attacking the City Council for putting another bond up for vote to fix the streets. Really?

The City Council supported the school bond measure. Still, it has a duty to take care of the day-to-day matters for the residents for College Place. The truth is taxpayers have limited funds and have to choose where those funds go.

That is the root of the problem. Do we have to have streets in good repair? Yes! Do we need a high school in College Place? No. Walla Walla High School is one of the better high schools in the state.

The argument that we love the teachers in College Place and that's why College Place needs a high school is flawed.

A new high school for four years of students would require at least 25 teachers plus administration plus support personnel. In the meantime Walla Walla High School would need 25 fewer teachers.

The fact is both Walla Walla and College Place teachers belong to the same union. Guess where those 25 new teachers needed at a College Place high school will come from? My guess is Walla Walla High School. So why should we pay $600 a year more for the same thing in teachers and less in activities for our children?

Property values are down. Property taxes are still high. Food costs are on the increase and so is gas and utilities. We pay over 50 percent of our property taxes toward schools. We've done enough already!

Vote no!

John Crane

College Place


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